Be Your Lioness

Be Your Lioness!
Be the Best Version of You, Be Your Lioness!

Life And Career Coach



I work with passionate females who want to achieve the best version of themselves in Career, Life, and Leadership, by knowing their strengths, and addressing the top four issues that are preventing them from moving forward. It is time to Be Your Lioness!

For those who wish to add a spiritual essence to their coaching or would like to experience a Reiki session,  Kimberly is a certified Reiki Master

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  • You have lost that zest for life. Everything seems out of focus. You don’t even know what makes you happy.
  • You feel you never have time for yourself, you don’t have set boundaries.
  • You want to make a significant life change, new relationship, lose weight, become more social but feel powerless to know where to begin and scared to take the first step.
  • Be the best Version of You! Be Your Lioness!


  • Trying to seek a promotion but need a little nudge of confidence
  • Burned out from your existing job and want to find your passion,
  • Or you simply want to find out what is the perfect career fit for you?
  • Be the Best Version of You, Be Your Lioness!


  • Want to increase your Lioness Presence and increase your confidence?
  • Want to understand what are your natural strengths in order to be a better communicator, leader, and motivator?
  • Know you have the skills but need assistance in managing the team dynamics, and setting boundaries
  • Be the best Version of You! Be Your Lioness!

Reiki: Healing Light Energy to restore your emotional and physical well being. Kimberly is a certified vessel of healing light energy as sanctioned by a Reiki master and attunement