Be Your Lioness

Be Your Lioness!
No matter where we go,
we take our same self with us!

Born on the East Coast, raised in the MidWest, Kimberly has had many character building lessons on her life journey which created victimlike thinking, depression, and low self-worth. Through her own evolution of rewriting her own mind tapes, adopting meditation and daily affirmations, fighting to grow her self-confidence and believing her voice deserved to be heard, Kimberly has won the battle of overcoming abuse and defeating mind tapes to be happy and successful.

Through her multiple career roles and changes, she knows that being in the wrong job or career, can affect so much of your life: your confidence, your happiness, your partners happiness, your kids happiness, all of your relationships, and create an overwhelming level of stress and burn out.  Helping women find a role that meets their passion and purpose, is a game changer in the psychology of happiness. 

From a professional perspective: Kimberly is a former Top Sales Executive and Vice President for Fortune 500 Companies such as Genpact, (GE), Optum, Boston Scientific, 3M. She knows firsthand how having the right leadership skills, understanding your team members as individuals, and your communication affect the productivity and success of your business.  

Combining all of these life, leadership, and career experiences and finding happiness and success in all three, Kimberly passionately wants to share this power with other women so they too can achieve their own happiness in life, leadership, and career by adopting the same methodologies  and tools that worked for her.

Kimberly has a BBA from Kent State Honor’s University, her MBA from John Carroll University, and is pursuing her PHD in Psychology at Pepperdine University. She is a Best-Selling Author of Connections Change Everything; How Smart Leaders Connect through Better Conversations and is featured in Forbes.

Personally, Kimberly resides in Newport Beach, CA., has a “Sam the Ham” shih tzu, loves to entertain with great food and wine, and is enthusiastic about improving her tennis game.

Kimberly is a certified vessel of healing light energy as sanctioned by a Reiki master and attunement.