Be Your Lioness

Be Your Lioness!

Kimberly really helped me get out of a rut! As a single mom headed back to full-time work, I engaged Kimberly to help get me ready. She has an arsenal of tools, and assessments which we used in preparation for my upcoming change. I think of myself as pretty self-aware and was blown away at what Kimberly was able to help me realize and accomplish! As a mom, I run around in tennis shoes – knowing that at some point I am going to wear high-heels again. Kimberly was my guide and consultant as we developed a plan to not only supercharge my work search, but also develop an executable fitness plan. We also evaluated some lifestyle choices that may not serve me well and I am so pleased with the progress I have made! Prior to engaging with Kimberly, I felt so much apprehension — but that is all in my rear-view mirror! Now my shoes look like high-heeled tennis shoes as I make my transition into a new world balancing it all as an HR Executive.